DuNott Sports is an Eastern CT podcast that covers anything sports related


ep 54. The Legend of Roger Bidwell

In this episode, we sit down and talk with Hall of Fame College baseball Coach Roger Bidwell.
We talk about what it takes to make it to the collegiate level in sports, his ability to build championship teams, and the players he helped get to the Major Leagues.


Sports-lovers, welcome to the fun podcast that covers almost everything sports-related.  

Our hosts - Ray Dupointe Jr, dedicated Patriots and Red Sox fan, and Chris Nott, a die-hard NY Giants and Yankee fan, have a rivalry that spans over almost every professional sport.  
Join us every week and enjoy passionate sports debates between our hosts and their excellent guests! 


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ep 54. The Legend of Roger Bidwell

In this episode, we sit down and talk with Hall of Fame College baseball Coach Roger Bidwell.
We talk about what it takes to make it to the collegiate level in sports, his ability to build championship teams, and the players he helped get to the Major Leagues.

ep 53. Mac The Ripper with Pete Cambio

In this episode, we react to the news of Tiger Wood’s accident and what is in store for the GOAT. Then we talk about the sports card industry and why you should be investing. We rip some cards with Pete Cambio from pcsfreshcardpacks. Check out his Instagram to buy your own boxes and cards!

ep 52. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

In this episode, we talk about the 25th Anniversary of Happy Gilmore, our favorite Adam Sandler movies, Athletes, Money, and mental health. And Fernando Tatis Jr’s BIG Contract!

ep 51. Who is your GOAT?

In this episode of the ray bones and Notter show, Ray, Notter, Bry, and Kev Mike discuss their all-time favorite GOATS! We also talk about athletes as employees and Bryan Mac’s rap battle with John Cena......

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ep 50. Notter No Call No Shows

Notter doesn’t show up to work on this episode, so Ray Bones rides solo.
Kev Mike gives us his first NFL Mock Draft.
Ray and Kev Mike also discuss the transgender sports topic and safety concerns for the younger generations.

ep 49. Brady is the GOAT and Ben Affleck is a nice guy

In this episode, we talk with Bry Mac and break down The Super Bowl.
We also talk with actor and die-hard pats fan Mike Malvesti who has a soft spot for Tom.
We also talk about his experiences working in movies like “The Town”.
Mike tells us an awesome story about getting to know Ben Affleck.

ep 48. Super Bowl LV Preview

In this episode, we talk Super Bowl LV predictions, Mahomes vs Brady, the greatest NFL receiving cores of all time, and Prop Bets!

ep 47. KC Chiefs Super Bowl Champion Anthony Sherman

In this episode, we talk to Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champion Anthony Sherman!
We talk about his career, being in his second Super Bowl in 2 years, and life! Anthony also talks about his charities and tells us breaking news about his second career!
You do not want to miss this!!

ep 46. Baseball Hall of Shame

In this morning's episode, we talk about finding Deshaun Watson a new home, steroids, and the baseball hall of fame.
Also, quick can you change a dirty diaper??

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ep 45. Special Guest Anthony Giansanti

In this episode, we talk with Venados De Mazatlan outfielder Anthony Giansanti of the Mexican Pacific League. He talks about growing up in southeastern Connecticut playing baseball and making it to the major leagues. We also talk NFL and what it takes to become not only a professional athlete but a role model and human being.

ep 44. UFC 257 With Kyle Mish and Inkmaster Steve Tefft

In this episode, we are in the studio with season 2 Inkmaster Steve Tefft. We talk with Kyle Mish of Mish’N Accomplished about bare-knuckle boxing and his breakdown of UFC 257!!

ep 43. The Goat Episode

In this episode, we review part 2 of the Tiger Woods Documentary, Kyrie is MIA and The NFL weekend ahead- BATTLE OF THE GOATS


This episode was full of breaking news! The Yankees sign DJ and Kluber, Justin Thomas loses sponsors because of his bad mouth, USADA and UFC remove Marijuana from the drug testing list, and much more.
We also break down this weekend's NFL playoff games with KevMike!

ep 41. Special Guest: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tim Boyle

Ray Bones, Notter, and Bryan have the amazing opportunity to talk to Connecticut Native and Green Bay Packers QB Tim Boyle. This was hands down our best interview that we have ever had on the show. We would like to thank Tim for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk with us.We talk Football, Tim Boyle, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, EliManning, Packers, white wine, future golf outings and laser focus. Not only did we have a great interview, but we made a great friend in the process. GO PACK GO!!

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ep 40. We Have Gone Off The Rails and The Train is Off The Tracks

On this episode of the Ray Bones and Notter show, we go off the rails. We talk about mental health issues, the New York Mets taking over the world, and The Washington Football Teams' chances of beating Tom Brady. We also dive into Bryan Mac’s fear of heights, Christmas decorations, Dunkin Fu***** Donuts Drive-Thrus, and taking a number 2 in public restrooms. (Good luck taking all of this in).

ep 39. Don’t JUDGE the ILL-EAGLES

In this episode, Ray, Notter and Bryan break down the final week in the NFL, and we announce a very special guest who will be joining us on our show!

ep 38. The New Years Day Show. Ray Bones vs BlackBerry Brandy

On this episode of the Ray Bones and Notter Show: Ray, Notter, and Kev Mike talk Notre Dame vs Alabama and Clemson vs Ohio State. We also talk about the end of the NFL Season!

ep 37. Bry Mac is sort of friends with Michael Jordan

In this episode Ray Bones and Notter try to recruit Trevor Bauer to come and play for their respective teams, Bryan and Ray go back and forth about Lebron and Bry Mac tells us a secret story about selling shotgun ammo to an avid hunter named Michael Jordan.....Yes.....The Goat....#23.....Michael Jordan

ep 36. Balls to the wall

In this episode, we introduce a new member of the Ray Bones and Notter show, Bryan MacDonald. Bryan covers the Christmas Day NBA picks, talks money lines, and spreads. We also talk Tiger and Charlie...

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ep 35. Brotherly Love

In this episode, we preview and predict the ACC Championship game, Charlie and Tiger Woods, and the PNC Championship and we hope that Jake Paul gets put into a coma by Nate Diaz!

ep 34. Full of Hot Air with Bryan MacDonald

In this episode, we talk NFL recap, Rays Rant on the PAC12, college football ranking problems, and Notter's frustration with Yankees upper management.
We also have Bryan MacDonald from Legendary Sports Group on the show to talk NBA Pre Season and The decline of football in youth sports.

ep 33. Jimmy V Week and Beating Up Bully Coaches

In this episode of The Ray Bones and Notter Show, KevMike is finally back and is shook when he sees our new studio build-out.
Ray Bones talks to Dr. Dinero about his Sharp 5 picks and lock of the week, along with the DraftKings DK MILLISMASH.
We also talk Jimmy V week, college football, bully coaches, and our picks for NFL Week 14.

ep 32. “Popcorn and Diet Mountain Dew” Our Interview with internet sensation Trenton Brown

In this episode, we talk to Trenton Brown, a true American Hero that sang the National Anthem at his son's high school basketball game when the audio would not work. He received recognition from national media and has almost 2 million views of his performance in less than a week. He was a great guest and an even better human being. Thank you, Trenton!

ep 31. LaVar Ball is the smartest man on earth

In this episode we talk about the high school football player that leveled a referee, LaVar Ball’s marketing genius, where will Trevor Bauer end up?
And Lobster Mac and Cheese from Pie Hops!

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ep 30. Everyone Gets a Trophy Part 2

In this episode, we talk about Sarah Fuller’s historic appearance and winning SEC special teams CO-Player of the week, College Basketball and Football on the downfall? Our buddy Bryan from Legendary Sports Group joins us.

ep 29. Bryan MacDonald IN THE HOUSE

On this Tuesday Episode of The Ray Bones and Notter Show, Bryan MacDonald from The Legendary Sports Group Podcast joins us on the phone to talk some NBA. Ray Bones meets his match as him and Bryan battle about Lebron James, the future of the LA Lakers and James Harden in Philly? We talk Dustin Johnson's dominance at The Masters and NFL Week 10 and 11.

ep 28. "Put it In English For Me"- Masters Week with Josh Cameron and Jimmy Jones

2020 Norwich Invite Champ Josh Cameron and Lake of Isles assistant pro Jimmy Jones take us on a wild trip through the real world of golf. We talk The Masters, Bryson DeChambeau, Tiger Woods and what it takes to make it in the world of golf. This was a fantastic show. Anyone interested in golf or loves the game needs to tune in. Ray Bones and Notter are incredibly thankful for having great people who want to be a part of our show. Thank You Josh and Jimmy for Joining us!

ep 27. "A Hole in The Ship" Masters Week with 2019 Shenny Club Champ Corey Jones

On this episode of the Ray Bones and Notter show, we have up and coming Connecticut Amateur Golfer Corey Jones (Groton, CT). We talk Golf, work ethic and the process of becoming a good golfer. We also talk our Masters 2020 Picks and our choices for our own custom Masters Dinner.

ep 26. First Show at our new studio, PIE HOPS, Norwich, CT

Tonight’s show is at our brand new studio located at Pie Hops Restaurant in Norwich, CT. We talk Alex Cora being back in bean town, Clemson bs Notre Dame, Week 9 NFL Predictions and we get our Friday Night Bites on with Pizza from Pie Hops!

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ep 25. Bacon Jalapeño Poppers and Johnny Lesters

Friday Night Bites 3rd episode! Scott Freyer from “Just A Guy With A Beer” joins us to talk the World Series and NFL Week 8. Ray Bones cooks up some easy to make tailgate food and Scott gives us a great seasonal IPA.

ep 24. Cam Newton Stinks and Hoodies in Golf

World Series Preview, Rory in a Hoodie, NFL Week 7 and Steve Tefft joins us on the phone to talk Cam Newton and the Patriots

ep 23. FRIDAY NIGHT BITES Ep. 1 with Scott Freyer

A new segment from DuNott Sports our first Episode of "Friday Night Bites" ! We sit and talk with Scott Freyer from "Just a Guy With A Beer" about Jordan vs Lebron, NFL Week 6, The Yankees struggles and College Football. Ray cooks up amazing Buffalo Chicken Nachos and Scott hooks us up with an amazing Octoberfest Beer.


Griswold Legend and ECSU Hall of Famer Archie Drobiak joins us in the studio. We talk his athletic career, living in Griswold and Family. We also talk The Masters, NFL and Ray Bones and Notter talk fantasy football for week 6.

ep 21. THE LASER SHOW From The Borough

DuNott Sports presents our first live show, “The Ray Bones and Notter Show” from SNSN Studios in Jewett City CT. We talk New York Yankees, MLB playoffs, Fantasy Football Strategies and ask a big question.....Are The Browns a playoff football team??

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On this weeks episode Ray Bones is cooking up some dry ranch wings for our gameday snack of the week. Our good friend Scott Freyer (Just a guy with a Beer) also hooks us up with his gameday beer of the week from Epicure Brewing in Norwich, CT. DuNott Sports announces some exciting news about the future. We talk to kevmike over the phone about our NFL Week 4 picks and Yankees Playoffs.

ep 19. The Show Must Go On Again

Rants of the Week and our NFL Picks.

ep 18. The Show Must Go On

After some technical difficulties with our show, we finally were able to kick off our 18th episode with NFL Week 2 Predictions, Notre Dame and the ACC, and Nike’s marketing tactics.


Bones, Notter and Kev make their NFL Week 1 predictions!


In this extended episode of DuNott Sports, Ray, Notter and Kev Mike break down each NFL Division for the year and make their predictions.

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ep 15. Complete Anarchy

In this episode we talk about the divide between the police, athletes and the community. Along with athletes and professional sports protests. We end with some talk about some local sports legends.

ep 14. Buttsweat & Tears

Episode 14 starts off HOT with talk about Tom Brady and his butt sweat issues. Notter discusses Fernando Tatis Jr, new school baseball, and Yankee injuries. Ray gets a lot of grief for his hat, his fantasy football concerns, and the NBA's changes in the bubble.


Episode 13 was a fully loaded episode full of baseball, basketball, football, college football and participation trophies. We had our great friend Kev on who is one of the most knowledgeable sports guys we know! We had an absolute blast!

ep 12. There was a HURRICANE!

We are back after a week off due to a hurricane rolling through Southeastern CT. We also are testing our brand new Rodecaster Pro Mixer and Ray has a lot of fun using the sound bits. This is our first episode using it so let us know what you think!
We talk MLB, Griffey vs Trout, Tyler Skaggs, Ray's fantasty baseball struggles and a quick review of the PGA Championship.

ep 11. Episode 11 with Steve Tefft

On this episode of DuNott Sports we have Steve Tefft, winner of InkMaster Season 2. We talk a lot of different sports topics, NFL, old school Yankees vs Redsox and Mike Tyson's return! We also talk some NBA! We are grateful to have Steve on the show...

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ep 10. "Just A Guy With A Beer" with Scott Freyer

On Episode 10, we have special guest Scott Freyer, from the local podcast- "Just A Guy With A Beer." We talk Yankees, Football, Beer and what it takes to be a beer connoisseur!


In this episode, we have Tyson Wheeler (New London High School, University of Rhode Island, Toronto Raptors and Denver Nuggets) as our guest over the phone, we talk about New London's pride and sports community, Ray Bones love for Cam Newton and Notter's issue with Gerrit Cole throwing live BP to Aaron Judge. DuNott Sports also talks about their upcoming long weekend at the Norwich Golf Invitational!

ep 8. MLB IS BACK BABY and the PGA Tour is ROLLING

On Episode 8 of DuNott Sports we talk MLB's Return and PGA Tour. Harry Longinidis from the House Rules Podcast calls in to talk baseball and Ben "Fullertime" Fuller calls in with Notter, talks golf and the PGA Tour. We also talk about our next guest and big plans for the podcast over the next couple of weeks! Listen in and give us your feedback!!!

ep 7. Special Guest's Boof Bonser and Jeff Clark. MLB Studs and the Beer Batter Brawl

On Episode 7 of DuNott Sports we have former MLB Pitchers Boof Bonser and Jeff Clark on the show. We talk about how they met and we got to hear some awesome stories, especially the beer batter brawl! We talk MLB Baseball, Clarkie and Notter's relationship as player and coach at Uconn Avery Point and some Golf! Also Ray tells his story about how he beat a 76 year old man at golf earlier in the week We had a blast with these guys and we think its one of our best episodes yet! Enjoy!

ep 6. Special Guest Tommy Slocum, Raider Nation, Mamba Mentality

On Episode 6 we have Tommy Slocum as our special guest! This was the Ray and Tommy Show! Listening to Bones and Tommy talk football was awesome! We also talk the process, making yourself a better person and Mamba Mentality. This was a live show and we appreiciate all of those who reached out during the show!

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ep 5. Special Guest NLHS AD Phil Orbe, Mystic Schooners, Sports Movies and DAK

Episode 5 is here! We talk with NLHS Athletic Director and Head Coach of the NECBL Mystic Schooners, Phil Orbe. We go all over the sports map with the NFL and Dak Prescott, MLB, Montville High School Baseball war stories and our favorite sports movies. We also had callers on the air to talk with us! Enjoy and thank you all for your support!

ep 4. Tom Brady is not an 8 Handicap

We start heavy with some talk about Minneapolis. We then review "The Match 2" with Tiger, Brady, Phil and Manning. Then its ALL MLB and Football. Enjoy everyone!!!

ep 3. The NFL crimewave and The Last Dance

Today on DuNott Sports we talk golfing with a pro hockey player, The Last Dance, The NFL crime wave and some NBA. We also touch on Derek Jeter and Tom Brady comparisons to Michael Jordan. We also reach out to some fans on Facebook!

ep 2. Blake Snell is a mad person. Armed Robbery

Episode 2 of DuNott Sports is now available! We had A LOT to talk about this week!
- The New York Football Giants and armed robbery
- Bryson DeChambeau and his new transformation
- MLB owners proposal on the *2020 season.
- Tampa Bay Rays Blake Snell is not happy about his possible pay cut.
- Our 2021 USA Olympic Baseball Team Rosters (Shoutout to Bryce Harper and his interview on Barstool Sports "Starting 9" podcast with Jared Carrabis and Dallas Braden.)
- Charity Golf Matches
- Notter's devastating Cal Ripken story. (Thanks a lot Big Mac and Sammy Sosa)

ep 1. The First Episode

Today we talk about a little bit of everything. Birdies, greenies, sandies. Quick football talk, upcoming golf schedule, Notter's Roger Clemens story and the future of DuNott Sports. This is our first episode so everything is a little mixed...

About DuNott Sports

Ray Dupointe "Du"

Ray Dupointe A.K.A Ray Bones is the co-founder of DuNott Sports along with his partner Chris “Notter” Nott. Ray is on the better half of the sports aisle cheering for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. Growing up, he also fell in love with the Chicago Bulls and for good reason with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Husky Mania also played a major impact in his childhood as he was a HUGE UConn basketball fan.

Growing up in southeast Connecticut Ray was a very competitive youth starting at a young age playing sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Basketball was his first love growing and has changed to football and another sport called GOLF! Tiger freaking Woods! Are YOU KIDDING ME?!

Ray is a huge advocate for some sports gambling! You want to bet on the first turnover of the game or if the guy/girl is going to hit a green.....LET'S GO! Cornhole was never more fun than throwing down some Andrew Jeffersons or some Ben Franklins. How about some shuffleboard or 9s if you know about that. The name of the game is competition and whether he has it now or never has had it, one thing for sure is that he’s not afraid to give it a shot and let it rip.

As a graduate of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting about a hundred years ago, Ray is finally putting his passion, dedication, and determination for sports to test with this podcast. Something that started with a couple of USB microphones in the basement and some basic editing equipment, the sky is the limit. Sometimes you have to see the whole picture and this is what he intends to do.


Chris Nott "Notter"

Chris Nott, aka “Notter” is the co-founder of “DuNott Sports”, a sports media company that was formed with his brother-in-law, Ray Dupointe Jr.

Chris Nott was born and raised in Southeastern, CT, and continues to reside in that area with his wife and son. A graduate from Uconn-Avery Point and Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and currently serves as a Police Officer. During his college years, Chris played baseball. Unfortunately, his career was cut short due to multiple rotator cuff injuries which resulted in surgery.

Chris has a strong passion for sports. As a child, he envisioned a future of being a Major League Baseball analyst or play-by-play announcer for MLB radio. Chris’ expertise lies in baseball but is knowledgable and has grown a passion for NFL and PGA Tour Golf.

DuNott Sports was created and founded in May of 2020. The beginning of this adventure started in Ray Bones basement and has now led them to a studio in Norwich, CT. After countless hours and great success, Peter Helms; the owner and founder of Helms Media Group caught eye of their vision and have now started the “Ray Bones and Notter Show”. Due to the success and passion Chris has had, he plans to continue to grow and expand DuNott Sports.


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